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We love dirt trails!  We also think we are a little bit like them. When the Carr fire decided to blow through our miles of serpentine single track, faster than a Nicholas Cage movie at the box office, we were left with paths of gold running through a blackened landscape.  The fire has also exposed the gold in our community.  We're not sure about yours, but our social media feed is full of fund raisers, people helping people and people asking how they can help.  

Another thing we love about dirt is it's ability to be molded.  If your familiar with any of our work you will know that we love to sculpt dirt into all kinds shapes that make trails more fun for you.  Once again, we are moldable, adaptable.  True, things won't be the same as they once were but that will be ok.  We will make the absolute best of the situation and find new ways to enjoy the amazing recreational resources we have out our back door.

We at Redding Trail Alliance have been building and maintaining trails in an official capacity for the last three years.  That's one thing we don't see changing.  True, we may have to put a couple of our projects on hold for a short period while we deal with the damage from the fire, but we still have a vision for our trails and that vision hasn't changed.

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