Redding Trail Alliance is a non-profit charitable group that started up one year ago. In that time, with the support of the local philanthropist organization McConnell Foundation and others, we have built 4 miles of new trail, maintained many more, converted an old road into a bike park style trail on BLM ground called the Enticer and built a junior bike park for the city of Redding that consists of a paved pump track, skills trail and jump line (all geared toward helping children get on bikes and progress to the point of riding trails). 

Going into 2018 we have some pretty big plans but we need your help. In the spirit of the group, we have put together a fund raiser that gives more than it takes. Your donation of $40 will get you a beautiful 12 month wall calendar that features scenic riding destinations in the NorCal area (plus a couple in Oakridge). 

This is where is gets good. That calendar is your entry into a raffle every week for the entire year of 2018. Most weeks are $50 cash, a few are gift cards from companies accessible by most, i.e. star bucks (a few are for local bike shops). The last week of every month is a raffle for $200 cash! The grand prize being raffled off at the end of the year is your choice of a carbon Santa Cruz or Julian S model bike of your choice! If you win one week, your name still goes back into the hat for every other week.

We have only printed 2,000 calendars. So even if we sell out you still have a 1 in 38 chance of winning something.

So you get the satisfaction of helping a group continue to improve nor cal riding, a sweet calendar and entered into 52 raffles. Win, win, win.

You can pick yours up today at any local bike shop in Redding, or hit the donate now button to get your's online.


The Redding Trail Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on building, maintaining and advocating for mountain bike trails and bike parks in the greater Redding area.