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Mule Mountain Mayhem

  • Delano Drive Redding, CA, 96001 United States (map)
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Join us for the first Annual Mule Mountain Mayhem.

Our goal with this event is for anyone who rides a mountain bike to be able to participate and have fun regardless of ability and age.  For those that don't want to participate in one of the events, you're still welcome to come out and socialize with the rest of us. There will be food trucks to get your grub on, music to chill to, and refreshments provided by Redding Trail Alliance.   For those that want to participate, we will be having the following events: 

Checkpoint Challenge • $20 • 2pm

If you haven't participated in one of our Checkpoint Challenges before, here is how it goes down.  We will be starting the race at 2 pm exactly, so make sure you get there early enough to register and get your map.  At the start of the challenge all participants will open their packets which contains a map.  This map will have checkpoints marked all throughout the Swasey Recreation area, many in areas that you might not have visited before.  You will have 2 hours to get as many checkpoints as possible, you choose the route.  To make things more interesting some checkpoints will have challenges at them, potentially worth 2 points, one for finding it and one for completing the challenge. Those that return the soonest with the most points win!  Since people have so much fun riding in groups, you can participate as a team, but will be scored as individuals. There will only be mens and women category, no age brackets. 

Kids Treasure Hunt • FREE • Ages 10 and younger • 1pm

Like the full scale checkpoint challenge but in a much smaller area.  The kids will get a treasure map and with or without the help of their parents they will get 30 minutes to find as much treasure as possible.  

Bike Limbo & Bike Toss

For each of these events you get one try per ticket.  Tickets cost $1 each and all proceeds benefit Redding Trail Alliance.  There will be a referee at each station who will record your best effort.  Prizes for top participants in each event. 

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Pre-Lemurian Party & Movie in the Park
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Pre-Lemurian Party & Movie in the Park

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It's a Pre-Lemurian Party! 

Location:  Caldwell Junior Bike Park

Date & Time:  May 4th • Starts at 5pm • Movie at 8:30pm

FOOD TRUCKS: Yellow Truck & Road Runner

BEER: Wildcard and Sierra Nevada served up by yours truly. (All proceeds go toward future bike park and trail projects!)

BIKES: Ride your bike as we will have free bike valet by Shasta Living Streets. Since your here you might as well check out the newly renovated Junior Bike Park:  Let your kids or inner kid ride the refreshed jumps or brand new flow line. 

LEMURIAN: Pick up your registration packet for the race the next day! Haven’t signed up for the race yet? You can get your last minute registration is from 5-7pm.

MOVIE: A FREE screening of the brand new free ride documentary "The Moment"! Check out the trailer below. 

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to May 31

Squatch and Seek

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All of us here at Redding Trail Alliance love the Mayors MTB Challenge and we don’t want the fun to end just because you’ve turned in your passport! So to encourage locals and visitors alike to keep exploring we are happy to announce George Squatchington is back! Starting this Saturday 4/14/17 we will post a photo of him once a week on Facebook and Instagram with a hint about where he is hiding on a specific route of the Mayor’s MTB Challenge. All you need to do is find him, take a selfie, upload it to FB or Instagram and tag Redding Trail Alliance in the picture (if your account is private direct message us on instagram and post to our wall on Facebook). You will then be entered into a raffle for some sweet schwag.

Remember: He only stays in a spot for 1 week. So you have multiple opportunities to find him, upload a photo, and get another entry into the raffle with each new location! This is a great opportunity for comradery - for example if you’re a beginner, hook up with your more advanced spouse, friend, or coworker and try to find Squatch on one of the intermediate rides you normally wouldn’t do on your own. You don’t have to ride the whole loop, just get to where George is.

The goal is to encourage one another, gain familiarity with Redding’s growing trail system, and most importantly HAVE FUN! So spread the word and share the trail love!

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