Redding Mayor's Mountain Bike Challenge

For the month of February our Ride of the Month is part of Redding's Mountain Bike Challenge. 


"The Mayor of the City of Redding welcomes you to join the  running from February 8th to May 18th. The beautiful and diverse backcountry trails of Redding calls for your exploration and discovery on your mountain bike. In the interest of promoting mountain biking, Brent Weaver invites you to take the “Mayor's Mountain Bike Challenge” and enjoy our trail system– from flat paved rail trails to steep and rugged single track.  Take your Mountain Bike Challenge Passport (COMING SOON) and challenge yourself in completing our Beginner, Intermediate, and/or Advanced Mountain Bike Trails."

For more info about the Redding Mayor's Mountain Bike Challenge, check out

French Fry was recently used in our Occupy Shasta Race. Here is a short video by Tim Olson of Chico showcasing the flow-ish-y sections of Upper French Fry

Bizzness Productions took out RTA members Ryan and Mike out for a quick ride this fall. Shots were all taken on Upper French Fry. Be sure to take your own and share with us on our facebook and instagram