Moving Forward

While the greater Redding area is still reeling from the unprecedented disaster that is the Carr Fire we at Redding Trail Alliance wanted to take a brief moment to share our concerns and hopes going forward.  

First off, we want to express our deepest sympathy for all affected.  The members of our organization have been in constant contact with one another and have expressed numerous times the tears and punch-to-the-gut feeling we get when we watch the news, talk to affected friends, or just look out our windows at the smoke and ash.  We are so sorry.

Secondly we want to thank those on the front line. We know Fire, Medical and Law Enforcement are working tirelessly to keep us safe.  So thank you, very, very much.

Now to talk trails.  We have had an outpouring of ones that want to help us with the overwhelming task we are going to have on our hands with opening and keeping open our wonderful trail system.  It's exciting to see that so many want to help and be involved.  This is going to take years of work, we are in it for the long haul and we hope you are too.  With that being said we are working closely with local public land managers the City of Redding and the Bureau of Land Management.  As of now they have to wait to get back into closed areas (just like us) then they can take an inventory of damaged infrastructure, signs, kiosks, bridges, bathrooms, culverts, benches, tables and the trail itself.  They can then use that dollar figure to acquire funds to rebuild.  Once they have a plan of action they will work with us to begin opening up trails.  We at Redding Trail Alliance not only will provide labor, but we plan on assisting with the cost of rebuilding.  

So as of now all we can do is be patient.  Please listen to the authorities by staying off of closed trails.  Use this time to explore our neighboring trail systems such as the Weaverville Basin trails, Mt. Shasta Gateway trails or Bidwell Park in Chico.  Then when the time comes we can unite in our effort to rebuild.