The Redding Trail Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on building, maintaining and advocating for mountain bike trails and bike parks in the greater Redding area.

Our Mission

"To create high quality trail experiences by advocating for, building, and maintaining trails which are progressive, diverse, and promote community"


 We are a group of mountain bike and outdoor enthusiasts who have a passion to contribute to the growth and improvement of our local trail system. We get excited about new trails, well built trails, trail improvements, pump tracks, community cycling events, and pretty much anything that gets us out on single track. Our team is diverse in skills, day jobs, and interests but we all come to the group with a shared desire for progress and community with regard to Redding’s trail system.

We work with local government agencies to plan, maintain and build trails. We connect with the community through hosting volunteer maintenance days and community outdoor events. We also team up with other local outdoor groups to ensure trail efforts are in alignment. Our team is excited to see Redding grow and evolve into a top notch mountain bike location.


Nathan Knudsen - Executive Director

Trail Crew

Ryan Schuppert, Mark Haslam, Andy Winkler, Isaac Moldenhauer


Tony Lewis - President

Stephanie Wright - Secretary

Camille Knudsen - Treasurer 

Mike Ruffell

Special Thanks To Our 2019 Sponsors!

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