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So what is a Raffle Calendar?

We at Redding Trail Alliance LOVE building trails.  We don't love asking for money to help build bike trails.  Out of necessity to raise funds to continue doing what we are passionate about, we put our heads together to figure out something that would have the ability to raise a significant amount while giving those who contributed, their moneys worth.  So was born the Redding Trail Alliance Raffle Calendar.

You not only get a quality calendar that features stunning nearby riding locations, but you get entered into a raffle drawing for every week of 2018.  Thats less than a dollar a raffle!

Most weeks are $50 dollars cash and the last week of every month is $200!  Who doesn't like money?  The grand prize is a Santa Cruz or Juliana carbon bike of your choice with the C build kit, a $4,899 value. 

If your name is drawn and you win one of the raffles, it goes right back in for remainder of the years raffles. 

Thank you for your continued support.  See you on the trails!

Redding Trail Alliance Crew


Calendars are still available at Chain Gang Bike Shop

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Thanks to New West Medical, the next 100 donations we receive will be matched and you the donor will receive both Raffle Entries!

As of January 22nd we were at 386 raffle entries.  When we reach 586 the special will be over.  The number below will be updated regularly to give you an idea of were we are at.


552 raffle entries

as of September 12th